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May 10
My second Phoenix re-tweet!   So giddy. :D

My second Phoenix re-tweet!   So giddy. :D

Nov 16

Oct 1








It will never cease to amaze me, how Mike always laughs with his whole body <3

I love it because I’ve done the same thing since I was a little kid.

One of my students at the preschool I used to work at, not only did she do the whole body nose wrinkle laugh, but she had dimples. Most adorable child ever. I would purposely find all sorts of reasons to make this kid laugh just cause her laugh was so soothing to the ears.

This might be one of Dave’s reasons, too, when pulling off stuff like this.

(Btw, I could just eat Shinoda, when he covers his face in the last pic) 

ZOMG, he looks totally edible. Especially the part in the video when he starts wiping his eyes. How does Phi keep such a straight face?

That reminds me… I have never seen Mike cry. Does a gif or video of this even exist?

Because Dave is just awesome.

I might not be able to deliver a gif, but…

I wish I had something “better” :/
(He’s still so effingly beautiful, biting his lip like that, with that tear in his eye <3) 

I would lick his tears right off his face.

I wish I knew what that screenshot is from, cause I will bet there is a video. Where there is a video, there are tasty looking tears running down his face.

The pic above?
I’m not 100% sure, but I think it’s from the 2002 VMAs. I haven’t looked out for a video of them accepting whatever award they obviously got there, so far, though o.o 

*agrees on the licking, btw*

Sep 19

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Aug 22

I laughed so hard with this



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